National Adoption Month: P is for…

National Adoption Month: P is for…

#NationalAdoptionAwareness Month.

P is for #Photograph

“Look at this photograph…Every time I do it makes me laugh…How did our eyes get so red? And what the hell is on Joey’s head?” – lyrics from Nickleback “Photograph”

Over the years, may music bands have written or performed songs that speak about photos and some of those songs are my favorites. Such as Photograph by Nickleback. I can relate to the song, with looking at old photos and laughing at the different situations that were captured. In adoption, photographs to me are worth more than gold. Photos can turn a crappy day into something that is happy with knowing that I found a new set of pictures in my mailbox. Photos also have allowed Lil Miss to see what her birth-dad looks like and what similarities she has from him, such as they share the same smile. Many will say that she is my “Mini-Me” but she does have some Scott in her as well. Before digital photos and social media became the “way” of doing things, I loved the feeling I got when I saw an envelope in the mailbox that had a return address from Lil Miss’s mom. Many times, I would not make it into the house or out to my car before the seal on the envelope had been broken. Tears would well up due to seeing how much she had changed or the events that I would have missed with each new set of photos, but I have always been grateful for the many photos I have received over the years. After 13 years, it is still important to me to take a few pictures of Lil Miss and me, each time I visit her when I am in Oregon.

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