National Adoption Month: O is for…

National Adoption Month: O is for…

#NationalAdoptionAwareness Month.

O is for #Open Adoption & Family Services

Open Adoption & Family Services (OAFS) is the agency that I chose to work with for placement of Lil Miss. OAFS is in Portland, Oregon but has locations in Eugene, Seattle and was the first agency in Oregon to offer fully open adoptions back in the mid-1980s. I chose to work with OAFS because of how they treated me with the first contact I ever made with them. The counselor encouraged me to call five other adoption agencies to inquire on their definition of “open adoption” was to them as each agency treats it differently. I felt as a number or a baby carrier when I reached out to other adoption agencies. One agency offered me to come live on their campus as they had housing for pregnant and placing women. I knew that OAFS was very much an agency that I wanted to work with. The intake social worker who I met on my first appointment asked me to tell her about me and my situation. She explained to me that the agency provides support to women who are choosing to parent, place, and/or even terminate the pregnancy. I explained that I was not interested in any type of pregnancy termination and so I would explore parenting and placing. As we progressed through my placement planning, I was given time to think about each option before moving on to the next step. I was never coerced or forced to continue with placement, even after Lil Miss was born and we were at the hospital. If I had to do the adoption journey all over again, I would still choose Open Adoption & Family Services to work with.

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