National Adoption Month: G is also for…

National Adoption Month: G is also for…

The tears began and I love my mom captured the moment.

November is #NationalAdoptionAwareness Month.

G is also for: #Grief

Being a birth mom, I can not skip over the topic of Grief. Grief is something that comes with the adoption journey. I belief it is a grief that is different than of someone passing away or having to process a miscarriage. It is actually difficult for me to describe. My friend Tammie pretty much nailed the feeling of grief when helping me process the first couple of weeks after coming home from the hospital. She explained it as, “it is almost as if someone stabbed you in the heart, but then again at the same time is also patting you on the back saying you did a good job.” When she explained it like that I had one of those “Ah-Ha” moments. I have used this explanation for how it felt when I was signing off my parental rights to the newborn who was mine for 2.5 days. though never goes away, it just lessens as time goes on. Then major life events happen, or holidays come around, or yet another birthday are reminders of that particular grief.

Adoption is not always fluffy bunnies and rainbows, it is sad and dark. My mom was able to capture my emotion around 6am on the day where myself and my daughter were being discharged from the hospital and relinquishment papers would be signed. The tears began to fall that morning and it was difficult for them to stop. Thanks to post-placement grief counseling, I have been able to learn healthy coping skills for when my grief hits.

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