National Adoption Month: F is also for…

National Adoption Month: F is also for…


F is also for #Fears and/or Questioning.

When it comes to Adoption, you can not talk about the word Fear. Fear is an emotion that everyone faces, and it acceptable to have the fears when going through an adoption process or after the adoption has been finalized. Fears are normal for Birth parents, Adoptive Parents, and even Adoptees. Here are just a few that are normal for each side if the triad….

Fears from a birth parent: Will the adoption agreement stay valid and true for the next 18 years? Will I have a connection with my child who I placed, or a connection with the family? How will I be perceived to the general public or how will people react once they find out that I have placed a child into an adoption agreement?

Fears from an adoptive parent: Will I connect with the woman who is placing their child into our care? Will she change her mind in the hospital and we will have to start over? When will I get the phone call from the agency saying that we were matched? Will my child be accepted at school or when people find out they are adopted? How will people react when my child tells someone that they have two dads or two moms? Will my child tell me “You are not my real parent” when I tell them they are grounded due to missing curfew?

Fears from an adoptee: Will I ever meet my biological parents? What if I don’t like who my birth parent once I meet them? Will my adoptive parents be mad that I am choosing to look for my birth parents?

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