National Adoption Month: F is for…

National Adoption Month: F is for…

My daughter with her birth family and her adoptive parents on my wedding day.
My daughter with both of her birth parents


F is for: #Family

When one thinks about adoption, then one may automatically think of #Family, completing a family, starting a family, adding to a family, extended family and so on. My immediate family was very supportive in whatever I chose to do which ultimately was allowing a couple create their family. My daughter has two families. Her biological family and her adoptive family. She is at the age in school where they are beginning to look at family trees and explain where their ancestors came from, and due to being adopted she had to complete two trees. She sent me a message asking me if I could help her out on a few of her branches that she had. I was able to give her quite a bit and then also directed her to my grandma who was able to give her details on even more. 🙂 When I told her that her great-great grandmother was still alive, she thought that was really cool. I mean, how many 13 year old kids can say that their great, yet alone their great great grandparent was still alive. 🙂

10 years ago when I got married, I made sure that I was able to get a family picture of her with myself, her adoptive parents and the rest of her biological family who was in attendance in addition to a photo of her with her two birthparents. Her birth father saw her when she was born and then again at my wedding 3 years later.

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